Top 25 Adult Coloring Blogs of 2016 + Little Birds Moodboard + NYCC 2016

I'm very excited to share that my blog has been selected for Top 25 Adult Coloring Blogs of 2016. I think I'm in some pretty awesome company with this list:)  

I do apologize for the lack of posts on this blog, I'm much more active on Twitter and Instagram (both @odessabegay) but I do have plans to post more fun stuff here in the coming weeks. I happen to be in the middle of a new project right now that I can't wait to share but unfortunately it does mean that I'm extremely busy with work and it's going to be harder for me to make more timely updates until December. 

For now I thought I'd share part of my moodboard from Little Birds:


Anyone else here using Pinterest? Yes? Then you're familiar with the hours long hole you can fall into with pinning and searching and adding to theme specific mood boards (I try to set a timer and limit it to two hours ... but that doesn't always work).

Whenever I start a new project I immediately go to Pinterest to collect ideas on themes, colors, and motifs. Most of my boards for work projects are actually private but I do like to maintain general boards when I come across things I want to save for later reference. At the moment, if you check out my Pinterest profile you'll see my Winter Board which was really helpful while I was working on my most recent book release Jingle Bells | A Christmas Carol Coloring Book.

In any event, check back here soon as I hope to post some freebies and more information on my process or things I'm working on. Also thank you to for having me on their list!


By the way, if anyone has any colored in pages they'd like to share, just @ me on Twitter or Instagram and I'll re-post it. I love seeing the work filled in. It feels very collaborative:)

AND last but not least, tomorrow I will be at New York Comic Con signing copies of my Edgar Allan Poe coloring book so if you're going to that stop by and say hi and get a book signed!

I'll be there from 3-4pm at booth #2054

Moodboards + "Urban Symmetry"

I make moodboards all the time for my projects, so when I saw these examples by Danielle Jade Windsor on the Eclectic Trends blog this morning I was immediately inspired by their simplicity and creative layout choices. I don't often come across moodboards that feature so few references but also convey a strong and easy to understand message, so I find these pretty refreshing. They will definitely give me some new things to consider the next time I'm editing down my boards for a presentation. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Earlier today I also saw this photo series, "Urban Symmetry" by Zsolt Hlinka on Trendland. I love how toy-like and full of personality the buildings appear to be and I extra love the color palettes! Here's the video from his site: